Active body techniques

Conscious dancing

Dance is first and foremost a form of communication between you and your body. With dance you can gradually reconnect with your self, you can begin to live consciously, to pay attention to what is happening around you, to take control, to be present through music and movement. This body language helps you to tell the story of what you feel and who you are in that moment, discovering your emotions, feelings, feelings and controlling them. At the same time, through movement you help your body release endorphins, all the pleasure chemicals the brain can release, thus relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression. The UCLA Health study shows that mindful or ecstatic dancing helps those struggling with depression and anxiety. 83% of the 1000 participants in the study reported a decrease in symptoms and an improvement in their mood. Together with our instructors you can discover yourself and give yourself relief from unpleasant states.


Yoga is a form of conscious movement that helps you to do many things at the same time: relax, energise, get in touch with yourself, release certain pains, lower your stress levels. But yoga has countless styles, depending on your purpose and needs, and the main types focus on postures, meditation and breathing. Together with our instructor you’ll discover what works best for you and be able to enjoy its long-term benefits, including relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression. Yoga has been shown to be effective in reducing stress, anxiety and depression as a complementary treatment, according to a study that included 52 women over the age of 30 who underwent 12 yoga sessions. And remember, yoga is a journey of you, by you and for you.

Anxiety and anger therapy through movement

Current life context, history of trauma, history of illness, current events, daily stress can all contribute to anxiety, depression or burn-out. Although they start as reflections in our minds, we feel them with our whole bodies. At our centre you can learn that movement is more than a way of expression, it is a path to healing and part of a long-term stress management strategy. Although movement as a means of expression is as old as our appearance on earth, it has only recently been given credit for mental well-being. Non-verbal emotional expression can be extremely therapeutic and we can’t wait for you to discover this with us.


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