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The encounter between the soul (psyché) and medicine (iatros) helps you to prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate if you have encountered a decompensation, mental disorder. The French psychiatrist Henry Ey defines psychiatry as „a branch of medicine concerned with the pathology of relational life at the level of ensuring human autonomy and adaptation to the conditions of one’s own existence.” Nowadays, WHO statistics show that 10% of Romanians are diagnosed with depression, but the number of those who do not seek help for such problems is actually much higher. Our specialists will provide you with the right solutions so that you can feel again that you can have a functional and high quality life, at least as it was before you faced these problems. Treatments are always tailored to your needs, level of anxiety and depression, history and other medical issues.


„Menssana in corpore sano”, says one of the oldest Latin principles, which stresses that a healthy mind can exist in a healthy body and vice versa. By taking care of our body, we ensure mental well-being, and by taking care of our mind, we have a healthy body. The role of nutrition in anxiety and depression is of paramount importance, helping to alleviate symptoms or, on the contrary, to amplify them. For example, carbohydrate and protein intake affect the synthesis of serotonin – a neurotransmitter responsible for your well-being. Most serotonin is synthesised in the gut, and the flora here seems to have a modulatory effect on it. A serotonin deficiency means an imbalance, and the latter can lead to disorders such as anxiety and depression. The nutrition and psychonutrition specialists at our centre will teach you how to adopt a healthy lifestyle, based on your own needs, personality and medical conditions. The focus will be on balance, not restrictive diets, so that your body and mind are in harmony.


Naturopathy is a category of non-invasive methods of treatment that is based on stimulating the body’s natural healing tendency. One of the basic principles of this broad area of intervention is that it treats the body as a whole, taking into account the characteristics of each individual and analysing the context of life, the general condition of the body and the response of symptoms to external factors. For example, something that causes similar symptoms in a healthy person can, in moderate doses, help the body to treat itself. Omag plants are often used in homeopathy to treat panic attacks. Among the benefits of this treatment method is that the remedies are natural, non-toxic, non-addictive and have no side effects. Our specialist will provide, through evidence-based techniques, personalised treatment schemes to minimise the symptoms of anxiety and depression and for general wellbeing.


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