TradeGecko’s reporting feature gave you a lot of insight into both your inventory and your sales. Meanwhile, the Premium plan allowed only an annual subscription. Some of the links on our site are from our partners who compensate us.

  1. The main difference between wholesale and retail is who you’re selling to.
  2. If you set this closing date, then you won’t be able to download historical data before the closing date.
  3. All Gekko functions above bundled into one easy to use mobile app.
  4. Intelligence reports also cut the hassle of finding the information you need.
  5. Inventory and order management goes beyond knowing how much stock is left, and how much more should you reorder.

Like our other features, this information syncs to QuickBooks, so you have clear and accurate information in both cloud solutions. TradeGecko automatically synchronizes income/sales, purchases, payments, cost of goods sold, stock purchases, and inventory values with QuickBooks. When a sales order is finalized and invoiced in TradeGecko, the total amount on the invoice is immediately pushed to QuickBooks to create an invoice for payment. Once you create an Active Purchase Order in TradeGecko, a bill immediately syncs to the QuickBooks Online account. Additionally, tax settings are imported directly into TradeGecko to ensure your records in both QuickBooks and TradeGecko are accurately synced.

Intelligence reports also cut the hassle of finding the information you need. There’s no more need for traditional pencil and ledger method. This automation saves you significant amount of time, which you can spend to focus on improving your business instead. If you’re looking to use flexible, comprehensive tools on the go, anytime, anywhere, then QuickBooks Online may be a great choice for you.

Talk to sales

Connect inventory management, fulfillment, and digital storefronts. Merchant processing fees and rates apply; Salesforce CRM connector add-on subscription sold separately. The issue of whether you can get refunded was covered in detail in the TradeGecko sunset announcement documentation. The short answer is ‘yes’ – customers will be refunded for any unused time after they cancel. However there is no compensation for the time spent or costs incurred by TradeGecko users from being forced to shift.

When COVID-19 upended the small business community, QuickBooks used its fintech experience to help its customers obtain more than $1 billion in SBA-funded PPP loans. QuickBooks Enterprise also makes an ideal option if you’re seeking an alternative to the accounting and business management solutions that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Article by Greg Roughan in collaboration with our team of inventory management and business specialists.

For instance, the TradeGecko platform supported bundling, kitting, and setting pack sizes. That helped you easily define groups of items that could be sold as one unit. TradeGecko also allowed you to use barcode scanners to search your product catalogue or add item info into your sales and purchase orders automatically. TradeGecko also offered a number of features and tools to simplify your invoicing and client payment process—which allowed you to get paid faster and spend less time processing sales orders. Credit memos are automatically created within TradeGecko when shipments are returned by immediately passing over a credit memo to QuickBooks. This minimizes tedious manual data entry and subsequent input errors.

Wholesale features

That wasn’t a total deal breaker (especially considering the service’s in-depth online knowledge base), but it sometimes made the platform frustrating to use for business owners who weren’t super tech-savvy. Order management systems (OMS) manage all aspects of tracking and fulfilling sales orders. This can include order processing, forecasting, inventory management, and invoicing.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise offers powerful solutions to efficiently manage the order fulfillment process. We’re focused on integrating QuickBooks Commerce and QuickBooks Online as a central platform beginning with our US-based customers. As we continue our journey to build a more durable integrated product to help our customers grow their businesses, we continue to develop commerce accounting capabilities into QuickBooks Online worldwide.

And as soon as I’m done it’s so enjoyable to mark them as packed and shipped then to have them wiped from the active orders. Today I lost 95% of my products from my website…POOF, gone! Today was also the day I cancelled the subscription and will be seeking compensation. Considering that TradeGecko is no longer in operation, we probably wouldn’t recommend it as a viable option for managing your inventory. Instead, we recommend checking out our list of the best inventory management software to see our other top picks.

Why is QuickBooks throwing away customers?

The service even included a number of features to help you easily sync your inventory with your accounting software. TradeGecko’s custom pricing and multi-currency features also help you be more competitive in the marketplace. And with its intelligent reports, you can make informed decisions based on accurate, real-time insights into stock movement. The tool is also FBA-ready, enabling you to manage fulfillments across all your warehouse locations. Inventory and order management goes beyond knowing how much stock is left, and how much more should you reorder. With intuitive software like TradeGecko, you’ll get intelligent insights about how your business performs in the marketplace.

Greg has been writing, publishing and working with content for more than 20 years. His outdoors motto is ”I wish I hadn’t brought my headtorch’, said nobody, ever’. QuickBooks can automatically bring in your orders and payouts from your connected online sales channels so that nothing falls through the cracks. It keeps everything in control for me and helps me keep a clear eye on the business. The main reason why I love it is how easy it is to fulfil orders — I automatically see all my Shopify orders, get a easy pick list and send through customer data straight to my 3PL so it’s really smooth.

Instead, the primary strategy (we can presume) was to gain an inventory management module it could upsell to its more than 3.2 million US QuickBooks Online user base. The number of stores you can connect with varies by QuickBooks Online version. The table below shows how many connections each QuickBooks Online version supports. Each sales channel has a time frame you can bring in data. You can set a close the books date in QuickBooks Online to prevent changes to be made before a specified date.

This feature helped you predict customer demand for each of your products in advance so you never had to worry about stockouts. This review was written with the old TradeGecko platform in mind. If you are looking for a similar inventory management system, QuickBooks has developed QuickBooks Commerce. For regular inventory inventory management from QuickBooks, check out our review. Each tier is tailored to accommodate the different needs of small- to large-scale enterprises.

TradeGecko Review (Now QuickBooks Commerce)

While TradeGecko offered a ton of useful tools, it was missing some key features. Once you entered a shipment or batch into your system as part of a pack, you couldn’t break down that pack into individual units. That was a big problem for businesses that sold full packs to wholesalers as well as individual items to retail customers. And unlike competitors like Cin7 and Fishbowl, TradeGecko didn’t offer a built-in point-of-sale solution. With TradeGecko’s Batch and Expiry Tracking, you can trace products through sales order records and speed up the recall process. This reduces discounting and spoilage while maintaining the optimal First in First Out method of inventory management.

Within your TradeGecko dashboard, you could quickly and easily access reporting for your on-hand stock, inventory by location, incoming stock, and historic inventory. These inventory control reports could be filtered by location, product type, and more. On the sales side, you could view historic and current sales order reports, filtered by product, variant, product type, sales channel, customer, sales rep, and location. Not only did the interface make it easy to find the features you needed but also the entire platform was designed to eliminate extra steps and streamline your inventory management.

Enterprise comes packed with features that help you optimize and automate inventory management from the warehouse to your customer’s doorstep. With visibility across your entire system, you can see what’s in stock, what’s on order, and where each item is located so you can the importance of job costing make the best real-time business decisions. The primary strategy for QuickBooks in buying TradeGecko was clearly not to sell accounting software to its newly acquired customer base. At $80 million for a few thousand inventory management users, that would never make sense.

Stick around and read our full QuickBooks Commerce review, as we’re about to go deep into what this platform has to offer. TradeGecko also simplified order fulfillment on backordered products. To use this feature, business owners would set up profiles for their wholesale clients that specified the pricing and discounts displayed for each customer.


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