Through the yoga workshop as therapy (for managing anxiety, depression, spinal problems or other conditions that require special attention), Cristina Muntean invites you to let yourself be guided towards a more peaceful state of mind, but also towards better health, physically and mentally.
Yoga therapy:
- focuses on the health condition the person is reporting;
- in the long term, it helps the class participant to better understand how the mind-body whole works and how to keep it in balance.

In this type of therapy, an extremely valuable element is the use of breath. Conscious breathing is particularly important in maintaining optimal mental and physical health.
Cristina shares a few thoughts on this: "Over time, I've learned that in yoga you don't have to be flexible. If you learn to breathe, you learn to heal your body too."

What do therapeutic yoga classes look like?
In general, they can be offered for groups of 6-7 participants or you can opt for individual sessions, organised after a prior assessment. However, these meetings can be adjusted according to changes that may occur along the way.
The standard session lasts 75 minutes.

In the ReCentre clinic, yoga groups will be held, to begin with, on:
- Mondays, 18:30-19:45;
- Wednesdays, 9:30-10:45.

For the next weeks only, the cost of the session is PROMOTIONAL, only 65 RON/person.
We are waiting for you to sign up by e-mail at or by phone 0772204919!

After confirmation of availability of places in the group from ReCentre, we recommend paying the participation fee to the account:
SC Employment Solutions Consulting SRL J35/761/2013
CIF 31394754

Let's find out who Cristina Muntean is, right from her, in a few words:
"I got to know the discipline of yoga as a therapy 7 years ago, when through its practice I managed to overcome a period when my physical and mental health were affected. The postures and mindful breathing exercises have helped me a lot in my recovery, and at the same time have opened my desire to further support other people going through difficult times in their recovery.
I started studying to become a yoga therapist (with all its branches) 3 years ago, taking courses in Budapest and Belgrade. Thus I completed 2 yoga instructor courses (Hatha Yoga, yoga for children and yoga for pregnant women) and also the yoga therapy course. I am currently enrolled in Yogic Studies at Satyananada Yoga School India for 4 years of study.
At this time I am also coordinating two groups of seniors with neurological conditions."

We look forward to welcoming you to the weekly guided therapeutic yoga classes led by Cristina Muntean at the ReCentre Clinic!


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