Atelier Power de dezvoltare personala pentru adolescenti 15-17 ani


December 10, 2022    
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


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Clinica ReCentre
Str. Episcop Augustin Pacha 1, et. 4, ap. 31-32, Timișoara, Timișoara, Timis, Timis
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Do you wish your relationships with friends, parents or teachers were more harmonious?
Do you wish you had more peace and open communication with the people around you?
Do you want to make the best decisions about your vocation?
Do you want to find out what's going on inside you when you feel overwhelmed by emotions?

Come to our pre-teen and teen course where you will learn things that will help you on your personal journey!

Come to our pre-teen and teen course where you will learn things that will help you on your personal journey!

At the end of the course you will know better how to use your inner personal power.
You will start to analyse differently the moments that used to freeze you, make you want to run away or fight.

What you'll learn in the tween/teen classes:
- How to focus on one thing at a time.
- To ask relevant questions about what is happening in the present moment.
- How to give your nervous system a break where you can make different choices so that you don't get stuck in response, but get to decide how you actually want to respond.
- How to connect to your body's natural intelligence and gently welcome what's inside.
- Deciding how you want to respond vs. react.
- That there is an environment external to you (the situation itself) and an internal environment, the body, where things happen in response to what is happening externally. You will know your relationship to the two environments.
- Improve your emotional self-regulation and compassionate behaviour.
- About intervention points to get a new healthier response to the situations you go through.

You'll be less stressed, anxious and depressed, already knowing that it's within your power to self-sustain with a repertoire of tools that is now at your fingertips!

All topics will be accompanied by personal experience and sharing within the group, learning:
- age-specific communication and emotional control techniques to apply in life;
- to discover their personal meaning and purpose through games and free discussion in a pleasant and friendly environment;
- to understand the needs of others;
- to overcome their fear of being the centre of attention;
- to overcome communication barriers;
- and, most importantly: to have more self-confidence!

The teaching method includes enjoyable, relaxing and engaging activities.

Personal development course objectives for teenagers:
- Improve communication with peers, parents, teachers and friends;
- Develop emotional intelligence - key to personal development;
- Increase self-esteem;
- Perceive and be aware of the risks of adolescence;
- Problem solving and decision making;
- Recognize emotions and use them effectively;
- To visualise and plan their future;
- To be aware of their fears and blockages and overcome them;
- To develop empathy and understanding for others and build better relationships;
- To discover their strengths and how to use them;
- To use their right to an opinion in a balanced way.

You may be wondering who designed and will deliver this program?

The trainer is SIMONA ELENA POPA, systemic family and couple psychotherapist, certified Circle of Security parental educator. Throughout her experience of hundreds of hours of individual and group work, she has delivered open courses and personalized courses for pre-teens/teenagers.

Finally, some organizational details:
- Price 90 lei/workshop/person
- During this period, the workshop is organized in modules:

The workshop is organised in 4 modules as follows:
Saturday 12.11.2022, 19.11.2022, 26.11.2022, and Friday 9.12.2022.

!!!First online meeting with parents on the zoom platform, 10-15 min!!!
12:00-14:00 teen workshop

!!!!! During the holidays at the end of October, these workshops can be held, on request, intensively on Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays-Saturdays ("self-discovery camp").

And a few words of self-introduction, from Simona:
"Simona Elena Popa really is a psychotherapist!
Coaching today's kids is not easy, but it's so cool for her! She has been training for over 20 years with children of all ages. She has also held emotional intelligence workshops for 4-10 year olds."

At POWER workshops we provide training on a subscription basis for all 4 modules!

For questions and registrations we welcome messages to or answer on 0772 204 919.

After confirmation of availability of places in the group from ReCentre, we recommend paying the participation fee to the account:
SC Employment Solutions Consulting SRL J35/761/2013
CIF 31394754

There will be 4 meaningful weekends in education!

Investing in education brings the greatest satisfaction!


Bookings are closed for this event.


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