Family and organisational constellations workshop

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21–22 ianuarie 2023, Clinica ReCentre Timișoara

Deschidem din nou seria evenimentelor deja cunoscute, din 2023, și te invităm la workshopul de constelații familiale, care va avea loc în weekend-ul 21–22 ianuarie 2023, Clinica ReCentre Timișoara!

This meeting is for you if: you feel you are carrying burdens that are not yours; you feel you don't belong; you find yourself in a repetitive pattern; you feel stuck; there are stories from your past that you have not fully come to terms with.

Family constellations are a way of working that reveals transgenerational influences on our lives. The originator of this method is the therapist Bert Hellinger.
He said that "every family has a common soul and a common conscience. This soul and this conscience are guided by three unwritten laws", also called "the laws of love" - the law of belonging, the law of orderand the law of balance. When these laws are broken, the effects are felt across generations in the form of 'legacies'.
The family constellations method of working aims to address and heal these imbalances so that love can flow back into our family systems.

How do constellations work?
The client is helped by the facilitator to clarify and name the topic of work, in the form of an intention.
At the facilitator's invitation, the client chooses representatives from the group for family members (parents, grandparents, partner, children, etc.), abstract concepts (fear, love, etc.), events (war, for example).
The representatives invested in these roles will be placed by the client in the workspace, according to his interior image. They will express how they feel emotionally and physically, as well as how they feel about the other members included in the constellation.
The information obtained will contribute to finding a solution to the problem. When this has been found for all representatives, this becomes visible on their faces and in their relaxed body attitude. Then the constellation ends and the representatives are removed from the role.
Although the constellation has ended, the integration and processing of the resulting healing images sometimes takes days, months, even years for the client's "soul"/conscious mind to process.

What life situations are frequently addressed?
Repeated conflicts with parents and children, couple relationship problems (difficulty attracting/maintaining a relationship, pregnancy loss, infertility, etc.), unfinished griefs, premature deaths, miscarriages, illnesses, financial blockages, relationship with success and others.

You can learn more about the family constellations method here:

Programul celor doua zile va fi: 21–22 ianuarie 2023, Clinica ReCentre Timișoara, de la 10.00 la 18.00, cu pauză de prânz de 60 minute și două pauze scurte.
Costul este de 520 RON.
Maximum number of seats: 15

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After confirmation of availability of places in the group from ReCentre, we recommend paying the participation fee to the account:
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Desi majoritatea deja o cunoașteți pe colega noastră, iată câteva cuvinte de autoprezentare despre facilitatorul atelierului:
„Sunt Alina Tămaș, facilitator de constelații familiale si organizaționale. Te însoțesc în acest weekend, oferindu-ți cu bucurie ceea ce am învățat de la mentorii mei – Barbara Morgan și Dragos Riti, Jan Jacob Stam, Barbara Hoogeboom, Anton de Koon, Stephan Hausner.”

Dacă simțiți că vi se potrivește, vă așteptăm cu drag la eveniment!


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