You can avoid this by outsourcing your accounting tasks to an offshore provider. You don’t have to go through all these time-consuming responsibilities when you offshore an accountant. Offshore staffing companies like Doxa7 will take care of the hiring, training process, and employee management.

  1. Payroll services include calculating your employee’s salaries and applicable tax, printing and delivering checks, etc.
  2. A good offshoring company has a wide pool of qualified accountants properly trained to deliver high-quality results.
  3. Learn what security measures your offshoring provider has in place to protect all your financial and accounting data.
  4. Phil’s guidance has played a pivotal role in over 1,000 CPA firm acquisitions, sales, and mergers.

Julie is not just a manager; she’s a catalyst for transformation in the world of public accounting. Accounting offshoring is no longer limited to the ‘Big 4’ or just manage payroll quickbooks medium to large-size CPA firms. As the world moves to new ways of working and operating, it just makes business sense for accounting firms to embrace offshoring.

In fact, you’re banking „offshore” if you’re an American who has a bank account in Canada. Each offshore bank and foreign jurisdiction has its own requirements, so you’ll have to do some research to find the specific requirements relevant to your situation. The following is an overview of what you can expect if you decide to open an offshore bank account. These are just some of the questions you should ask when choosing the right offshoring partner for the tax season. Beyond these questions, you also need to evaluate the level of English communication their staff has.

Payroll services include calculating employee payments, including salaries and deductions. Payroll processing is another function often performed by offshore payroll service providers. Companies should seek service providers with highly competent accountants familiar with domestic and international accounting regulations. They need a thorough understanding of the company’s financial needs that might affect the whole accounting process. Since offshore accounting services are more feasible and economical, they are being used by many businesses in the USA. To help you better comprehend offshore accounting services, let’s look at the fundamentals of this vital business strategy.

How can offshoring accounting services benefit your business?

The best accounting offshoring companies offer manager FTE solutions, which allow specialists to examine the work and catch any errors. Our tax compliance services ensure that businesses and individuals meet their tax obligations while minimizing tax liabilities. We stay up-to-date with the latest tax regulations and leverage our expertise to help our clients navigate complex tax laws and optimize their tax planning strategies. Offshore accounting services rely on talents that are experienced in handling volumes of documents, bills, and books of accounts of your company. By delegating accounting to them, you get to free your time and have your documents accurately and on time for tax deadlines.

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Your CPA firm might only audit your company’s accounting records at the end of the financial year, which may add to your team’s to-do list. This added stress in addition to the sudden rise in workloads, can increase the probability of errors. You can minimize your in-house accounting team’s tasks by offshoring remedial accounting work to an offshore accounting firm. You can outsource tax preparation to offshore financial accounting firms during peak periods and reduce the workload on their accountants. You can trust our expert team for timely assistance with all your VAT returns.

Efficient Offshore Accounting Services

Check if your chosen offshoring provider has licensed accountants who have all the necessary certifications for their job. However, when you offshore accounting to a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or any other CPA firm, you must ensure that they fit your unique business requirements. In this section, we’ll mention some top service providers who can take care of your accounting needs. Here are some major limitations of offshoring your accounting needs to an external service provider. Now let’s take a look at some of the drawbacks of offshoring accounting tasks to a foreign country.

Additionally, you should ensure that they have employee performance monitoring software like Time Doctor in place. This helps you get accurate data about the total hours your offshore team works. Your offshore accounting company should have reasonable pricing  — as it’s one of the major reasons for outsourcing accounting. By outsourcing accounting to an offshore company, you can boost your business and stay on top of your industry.

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Make sure you’re aware of the fees for using the card because they can add up. Withdrawing larger amounts of cash at one time may help to minimize these fees. Offshore accounting is one of the most effective business strategies for streamlining processes and enhancing a CPA firm’s reach. With about 300,000 jobs being outsourced from the US annually, understanding the broader context of outsourcing or offshoring qualified global staff becomes crucial.

For example, the average salary of an accountant in India is 10,644 USD per year (, while that of an accountant in the Philippines is 4,407 USD per year. This is comparatively lower than the average salaries in the US (57,899 USD – or the UK (44,170 USD).

Despite the mystique surrounding them, offshore accounts are relatively simple to open. Some offshore accounts may have a monthly fee or may charge for international transfers. For example, the HSBC Expat Bank Account has no monthly fee and transfers between HSBC accounts are free. Other fees and charges may apply, so review the terms and conditions before opening an offshore account.

It is important to note that the quality, reliability, and security of the service are not compromised in any way. Offshore accounting refers to finance and accounting services delegated to a firm or business process outsourcing (BPO) company in a low-cost country. The company provides services like outsourced bookkeeping, tax preparation, payroll processing, data entry, analysis, and interpretation to its clients. For instance, Time Doctor can help you track the time your offshore accountant works on your tasks and projects. You’ll also be able to pay your offshore accounting firm based on the number of hours they work for you. Your offshore company should utilize the latest technology and infrastructure to complete accounting tasks.


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