So, even if such an “intervention conversation” fails and the person refuses treatment, one may have “planted a seed” that bears fruit later. This is the commitment of an individual, with a mental health disorder or substance abuse problem, to drug rehab when they are unwilling to commit voluntarily. However, upon evidence of substance abuse disorder, a court might allow an individual to be committed involuntarily if there is a danger of potential harm to himself or others. It can also help you resolve any personal guilt you may have about the situation and provide you with healthy tools to manage your feelings and responses.

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  • Knowing how to get someone into rehab – and convincing them ASAP – can make a huge difference.

The best way to make them understand the weight of their addiction is to push for accountability; let them face the repercussions of their own actions. It can be difficult for someone with an addiction to accept responsibility for their conduct, but it is an essential part of seeking help. And while the debate continues, most people will not achieve recovery until they are ready. One thing that is not under debate is that as much as a third of people in rehab are not there voluntarily. Since all states have their own laws, people should find out “can you force someone into rehab” in their state and how it works.

Get the Facts on Substance Abuse

When you create your intervention plan, you should invite the person’s close friends and family members. Working with an interventionist will also make the process much smoother and successful. Our treatment facility offers everything required to handle withdrawal and detox symptoms, and we have a complete team of medical professionals to handle every aspect of addiction recovery. We offer amenities that will make your loved one feel safe and comfortable. These are some general signs and symptoms that could indicate your loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol.

A professional interventionist knows how to get the most stubborn drug addicts into rehab. Since they’re usually emotionally detached from the person, they make the task much easier. To help your loved one into a rehab program, you need to take certain steps to simplify the process and make it more effective.

Ready to make a change?

This kind of tough love can be a real turning point as the individual realizes that their lifestyle is soon going to be unsustainable. And even if it doesn’t work now, your words will have more sway in the next intervention. Exhibiting two or more of these signs indicates that the individual meets the criteria for a substance use disorder and should be assessed by a healthcare professional, who can make the diagnosis. The experience of admitting that you or a loved one has a problem is typically stressful and emotional, but with effective treatment, recovery is possible.

The recovery services or involuntary treatment lasts at least 28 days from when it is approved. Involuntary treatment is only the first stage; this is followed by community care (Aftercare) which may last for about six months to prevent relapse. However, the reason and eligibility for involuntary rehab may differ from one state to another. All content available on or through is for general information purposes only.

Why Is Adolescence Such a Crucial Time for Preventing Drug Abuse?

You’ve been in drug rehab before, you’ve tried to do what it takes to heal and overcome addiction and yet you have relapsed once, twice or even many times—but why? Why is it that the drug rehab that you have tried in the past hasn’t worked and what is it going to take to get…. The necessity for rehab is typically triggered by a substance use disorder that has grown severe enough to disrupt an individual’s daily functioning. Friends and family members are key in the process of healing and recovery from addiction. With love and hope, you can be the glimmer of hope in their path toward rehabilitation because recovery, as challenging as it seems, is an achievable goal.

Putting energy into these activities can also ease cravings and help your loved one manage their mental health. Doing so provides a positive outlet for negative emotions, can help to restore confidence and promotes loving connection. If you notice concerning behavior that makes you suspect relapse, say something. Approach the subject with honesty and be straightforward so your loved one understands the severity of the problem.

Choosing the best rehab program is critical for your loved one’s sobriety. It’s important that they succeed in rehab and maintain sobriety after they return to their everyday life. There are lots of options available, so helping them choose the correct rehab is critical. Here are some steps to assist you and your loved one in picking the right rehab center.

  • Despite the fact that overcoming an addiction is tough, it is not impossible.
  • The evaluation consists of 11 yes or no questions that are intended to be used as an informational tool to assess the severity and probability of a substance use disorder.
  • You may set boundaries regarding the use of drugs or alcohol in your home, lending your loved one money, or something else.
  • Sometimes, when you want to help someone addicted to drugs, finding the right way to help them seems out of reach.

You must also think about your health insurance options at this phase. When you contact admissions specialists to arrange an appointment, they can help you determine if your loved one’s needs can be met by one of several insurance options. When your loved how to get someone into rehab one is struggling with addiction and they are hesitant to seek help, you can feel hopeless. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, as many as 23.9 million people require substance abuse treatment, but only 2.6 million, or 11%, receive it.


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