Early experiences of growing up, but also some later life challenges, can all shape your personality, how you respond to external stimuli and how you live your life. They are often your own bully, not allowing you to be truly free. Psychotherapy and the other complementary services offered by ReCentre can help you learn how to find your balance among all this. We lay the foundations for change for each individual, using methods that combine classical and innovative approaches. Psychotherapy plans are individual, personalised.

If you have been looking for psychotherapy services in Timisoara, ReCentre is the right place. Here you will find these services as well as complementary approaches. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression or burnout, the holistic, integrated programmes offered by ReCentre’s multidisciplinary teams of specialists will help you regain balance in your relationship with yourself and others, and regain your energy and pleasure in life. At ReCentre you will find support in overcoming overwhelming situations in your life, by building new ways of seeing the world around you and healing your inner self.


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