Individual and group psychotherapy Timisoara

Individual psychotherapy Timisoara takes place in a safe space, in one of our offices and involves a personal meeting between you and the psychotherapist, where you will explore together, in safety, your feelings, states and thoughts. In group psychotherapy Timisoara, you will have meetings, also supported by a psychotherapist, with people who share your experiences, ideas, feelings and concerns. Participants explore experiences together, provide a framework for support, observation and feedback, supporting each other on the journey through anxiety and depression.

Philosophical Reflection Group

Philosophical-therapeutic reflection is a path to a conscious, free and deeper life. Members of the reflection group learn together to understand this potential state, not only in words, but also in emotions, behaviours and the whole range of attitudes that lead to it. This form of contemplative philosophizing will draw on many of the ideas treasured in the history of philosophy, used as transformational philosophies. Inspired by the Stoic vision, our aim is to self-discover each participant’s authentic self, i.e. their deep ‘voice’, usually muffled by surface behavioural patterns.

Family constellations Timisoara

When we talk about family constellations, we refer to a systemic, group-based method that explores relationships within the group (family, work group, etc.). Constellations always have a collective perspective, providing awareness of the single person, but also as a result of a family with its network of relationships. Using this method, you will discover lesser known dynamics in the system and pull back boundaries so that they are healthy ones, based on principles such as respect, equal rights, unconditional love, unconditional belonging. What exactly does it help with? The approach can be helpful in anxiety and depression by reflecting on dysfunctional patterns in your relationships, the possibility of confronting a childhood abuser who is not accessible or whom you don’t feel safe to contact, or gaining insight into how old patterns continue to influence your mental health.


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