That said, if your dormmate isn’t great about cleaning the shower you share, it’s worth grabbing a pair of these safety shoes just in case. Unless you’re moving into an apartment, it’s highly doubtful you’ll have room for a nightstand. If you have a desk in your room, you can try to put bedside items on it, but unless the desk is right next to your bed, that system may not be very efficient.

  1. These sturdy boxes stack, so you can adjust your storage to the specific dimensions of your bed.
  2. A small toolkit is especially important if you’re moving into an apartment and may have to handle small DIY jobs.
  3. It also comes with a number of different page templates, such as calendar pages, to-do lists, note-taking layouts, and more.
  4. Generally, eight to 12 pairs of the more disposable varieties cost less than $10 and may be as little as $3.50 or so, depending on the material they’re made with.

This was an unexpected item I didn’t know about until I saw my roommate with one before going to a sporting event. It’s better to have pepper spray because campuses can not stop anyone from just entering. Have pepper spray in your backpack or on your keychain for your protection.

Umbrella and Rain Boots

Another unexpected thing to bring to college is a package of disinfectant wipes. Okay, a drying rack is something most people don’t think about, but it really is a lifesaver. Chances of your clothes getting holes in them or stolen are high if you leave them in the public dryer for a long time. Some beds are just four posts and with risers you can stick much bigger boxes of storage under your bed.

The cover has a storage pouch, so it’s easy to keep in your back pack until you need it. You need sunscreen when you’re outside walking across campus (which will be pretty much every day). And don’t forget sunscreen for football games and outdoor physical education unexpected things to bring to college classes. This might be something you don’t think to pack for college, because you’re used to having everything you need a t home. If you’re sharing a bathroom with roommates, you’ll need to provide a shower curtain, shower curtain liner, and hooks.

Clear Bag For Game Days

Alternatively, you can buy earplugs that are meant specifically for sleeping or for blocking out harsher noises, like loud music at concerts. Buying food and drinks on campus isn’t likely to get you into the frugal hall of fame, but giving in can be easy when you’re stuck between classes with no other options in sight. You’ll be able to fill up at water fountains, which means you can save your cash for more important supplies, like coffee at the library during an all-night cram session.

Unexpected Things to Bring to College: Health and Safety

If you’re going to college in a snowy climate, definitely take snow boots with you so you’re prepared. These Columbia jackets are lightweight, waterproof, comfortable, and machine washable. You might need to wear a face mask because you’re sick or because of wildfire smoke. I think these 3M N95 face masks are the most comfortable of all the masks I’ve worn. When you feel bad, you won’t want to have to trek across campus to buy whatever it is you need.

If you see something on the list that feels like it falls into the category of unexpected things to bring to college, there is no pressure to include it on your own college packing list. Use our college packing list as a guide to help get you thinking about what to bring to college so you can start building your own college essentials list. However, there are certain things that you don’t need to worry about buying as you figure out what to pack for college.

But remember to take it off at like airports or certain venues because they do not allow pepper spray inside. These were the 19 unexpected things to bring to college you probably didn’t pack. These are also great to keep in dorms because they are long enough to reach all the weird places, making it easy for you to use your phone in bed ;). Since college dorm rooms are already small enough, bringing an iron board is a huge no-no. From practical gadgets to personal comforts, these often-forgotten things for college can make a significant difference in your day-to-day life on campus.

Make sure you have a sturdy umbrella that can handle the elements. If you’re short on outlets or looking for something more portable, you can also get a battery powered clip-on fan. Costumes were the absolute last thing on my mind when I went to college, but you would be surprised at how often you need them for events and such.

Bed Rest Pillow

However, the sad reality is that there are times in college where you may be in sketchy situations. That’s why I always recommend this bedside shelf from BedShelfie. A lighted mirror is a must-have for getting ready in your dorm room. Save yourself some hassle and just keep some essentials on hand in your room. This wrinkle release spray is seriously magical for getting wrinkles out of your clothes. You just spray it on the wrinkly part and then pull down on it to stretch it out a bit.

The bottom line is, when making your college essentials list, make sure you are making the ultimate college packing list for you. That means bringing the items that make you happy, that you’ll use often, and that’ll make your dorm feel like home. As you begin packing for college, you might find the ultimate college packing list doesn’t actually fit in two checked bags. If you are flying, prioritize things like your electronics, clothes, and your favorite stuffed animal. Also, make a list of items you want to purchase as soon as you arrive (body wash, deodorant, etc.). To ensure you don’t show up to campus and realize you’ve forgotten something at home, we’ve created a printable college dorm checklist for you to use while packing for college.

Be sure to check the dimensions of your dorm room windows to see what size you need. You’ll need one for wedging between your bed and the wall to keep your cell phone, cables, glasses, or whatever else from falling behind your bed. If you’re going to loft your bed at college, please consider buying a bedrail to stay safe. Okay this might seem like a totally uncool college dorm essential.


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